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179.99€ 164.70€
Ex Tax: 135.00€
The RUSH 4 PRO is one of our top-rated trainer kites to help new pilots get comfortable with power kite flying and avoid beginners mistakes. It comes complete and ready-to-fly with Control Bar, including safety leash and flying Lines already attached.
Blade Deuce 3. generation
568.32€ 366.00€
Ex Tax: 300.00€
Thanks to its innovative design, the Deuce offers freestylers the opportunity to head out for a session whatever the conditions are on the water. Don’t limit yourself to flat waters and avoid choppy conditions. The Deuce is efficient on both.
Blade Deuce 4. generation
Ex Tax: 458.20€
Blade Fat Lady 17m 2. generation
1,399.00€ 978.44€
Ex Tax: 802.00€
While your friends are standing on the beach pretending to be meteorologists, you can be busting all the tricks in your repertoire or carving the waves all to yourself. Fast, powerful, responsive and a thrill to ride, the Fat Lady has made quite the name
Blade Mist
999.00€ 899.08€
Ex Tax: 736.95€
Blade Sanchez 2. generation
529.00€ 349.99€
Ex Tax: 286.88€
When it comes to balancing performance with comfort – a must for any freerider– the Sanchez should be your go-to board.
Blade Sanchez 3. generation
529.00€ 423.21€
Ex Tax: 346.89€
Blade Trigger 5. generation 10m
949.00€ 549.00€
Ex Tax: 450.00€
Designed to excel riders who are progessive, versatile and dynamic.
Blade Trigger 6. generation
699.00€ 628.58€
Ex Tax: 515.23€
Blade Uni bar
389.00€ 350.14€
Ex Tax: 287.00€
The 2013 Blade Uni Bar is designed by riders and for riders so you can expect for maximum control and precision in a simple effective setup.
Change mat Northcore
Ex Tax: 20.49€
Dragonboard Hyperline
350.65€ 331.84€
Ex Tax: 272.00€
HQ Hydra II
239.99€ 217.16€
Ex Tax: 178.00€
Water relaunchable trainer kite
HQ Symphony TR II 1,3m
Ex Tax: 42.50€
The Symphony TR has been designed with the ease of use and an affordable price point in mind.
Kheo Core
177.00€ 167.14€
Ex Tax: 137.00€
The Kheo Core is an entry level board. Ideal for younger and light weight riders.